We also offer in-car training for driver Improvement to refine your defensive driving skills in order to handle everyday driving, adverse weather and emergency driving conditions.

For licensed drivers wanting to review and improve existing skills or possibly prepare for retesting.  Or for new drivers needing additional driving instruction prior to road test.

In car sessions are offered on an hourly basis seven days a week to suit your schedule.  

Note: Drivers completing only in-car sessions do not qualify for driver certification and insurance discounts.

Our vehicles may also be used by qualified students for road tests. 

In-car sessions : 79$/hr + tax

Beauséjour Driving School offers online classes.  You can complete the required hours of study at your own convenience at home.

The program consists of 20 hours of on-line instruction and 5 hours of classroom review and evaluation.  This program also includes 10 hours of in-car training with one of our certified driving instructors.

This program leads to Driver Certification and a government issued certificate for full insurance discount.

​Our premium package includes an additional 5 hours of in-car training.

The program consists of 25 hours of classroom instruction and 10 hours of in-car training with one of our certified driving instructors.

This program leads to Driver Certification and a government issued certificate for full insurance discount

Classes are offered at l'Université de Moncton in Moncton and at l'école Louis J. Robichaud in Shédiac.

​Classes are offered in french.

Our premium package includes an additional 5 hours of in-car training.

In-class training program

Serving MONCTON, DIEPPE and SHÉDIAC since 1993

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Training programs :

In-car training

In-car sessions include :

Online training program

École de conduite Beauséjour Driving School

We offer several driver training programs to suit your needs :

In-class and online courses include :

Adverses conditions

Restraint systems

Driving techniques

Emergency situations

The engine and the power train

The chassis

and more...

Preparation and knowing your vehicle

Basic maneuvers in closed circuit

Road sign and signal lights

Right turn, left turns and stops

Judging distances, speed control and driving rhythm

Backing up, Parking and Parallel parking

Changing lanesAnticipating and deceleration

Emergency situations

Driving on secondary roads, main roads, divided highways and in town.

and more...

Our training programs are provincially approved for driver certification.  

Overview of the drivers handbook

The Highway Transportation system

Traffic control devices

Administrative laws

Physical and Mental Health

Knowing your vehicle


Basic maneuvres

Defensive driving

Laws of physics

Stopping distances


In-class or online training program (25 hours in-class or on-line + 10 hours in car):  661+ tax

In-class or online training program-Premium Package (25 hours in-class or on-line + 15 hours in car) : 861$ + tax

-- Methods of payment : Visa, MasterCard, cash or cheque.--

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