Serving MONCTON, DIEPPE and SHÉDIAC since 1993


About Us

With over 50 years of combined experience, Beauséjour Driving School's dedicated instructors come from diverse backgrounds; from retired RCMP officers to auto insurance adjusters, teachers, etc.  Our many years of experience will assure a complete and professional service.


  • John M. Desjardins B.E.D.Scc., Owner/President, Provincially certified in 1993
  • Maurice Boudreau,  Driving instructor, provincially certified driving instructor since 1998
  • Gilbert Mallais, In-class instructor / Driving instructor, provincially certified driving instructor since 2006
  • Gilles Arsenault, Driving instructor, provincially certified driving instructor since 2006
  • Serge Boudreau, Driving instructor, provincially certified driving instructor since 2010
  • Renée LaPlante, In-class instructor / Driving instructor, provincially certified driving instructor since 2011
  • Stéphane LeBlanc, Driving instructor, provincially certified driving instructor since 2015

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Our instructors

"My training with Beauséjour Driving School helped increase my self-confidence.  Now I feel much safer when I drive."

Jeannine, 17 yrs old


"At first, we were quite reluctant to let our 16 year-old son use the family car.  It was an important decision for us.  Soon after his registration with Beauséjour driving school, we noticed a definite improvement in our son's attitude toward driving and we are grateful for this."

Bob and Linda

​Moncton, NB

École de conduite Beauséjour Driving School

"My friends were telling me I was too old to learn to drive a car.  Thanks to Beauséjour driving school, they were all proven wrong."

Aline, 65 yrs old


Our goal is simple: To create a safer driving environment, one student at a time.


Since we opened our doors in 1993, Beauséjour driving school has graduated close to 10,000 students in Southeastern New-Brunswick. We believe that driving is an important privilege. Our training programs aim to instill a respect of the rules of the road to create a safer driving environment for all. We believe that our certified driver training courses are a long-term investment.

Beauséjour Driving School is locally owned and operated and has been training new drivers and international drivers new to our country of all ages and backgrounds since 1993. Our teaching methods along with our perfected in car techniques have proven to be a great asset to all students who have followed our training programs.

Our commitment to defensive and collision avoidance driving has proven indispensable to all our students.  These skills will not only assist them during their driving examinations but most importantly will keep them safe and collision free on a daily basis for the rest of their lives.